No Credit Check


About the Program

Progressive finance has developed a hybrid lease/purchase financing program that approves 9 out of 10 applications regardless of your credit history.

Instead of using a credit history, our approvals are based on two factors:

1) The health and activity of your primary checking account.

2) Your employment history.

No Credit Check Financing Questions

This is a lease/purchase program — there is no interest rate.

Progressive purchases the merchandise for you after which you lease back the items with monthly payments. Lease payments are 15% of the invoice per month.

Example: $1,000 invoice = $150/mo payment.

The terms of the lease/purchase agreement are for 12 months.

All the customer needs are these easy-to-get documents to verify the requirements and receive approval:

⇒ 30-day bank statement

⇒ Most recent pay stub

⇒ Photo ID

⇒ Voided or Cancelled Check

⇒ Copy of Your Last W-2

1. 90 Days same as cash You pay the invoice amount within 90 days of the delivery date.

2. 65% buyout option After 90 days you may own the merchandise outright by simply paying 65% of the balance left on the account.

Phone: 877-898-1970

Fax: 877-966-2888